An attractive packaging can double your sales

Consider a world where personalized packaging and gift boxes isn’t available . Everything you send through the mail is packaged in the same way , with nothing to distinguish your products from the others . Nobody posts images of your parcels on social media , and customers don’t buy based only on the packing . Doesn’t it sound horrible ? We’re lucky we’re not stuck in 1995 .Packaging box Wholesale
In today’s modern world , running a business entails keeping up with marketing trends in order to compete with other businesses like yours . Many people shop online while still in their pajamas . As a result , your best competitors are just a few mouse clicks away .

Custom packaging box Wholesale

It’s no wonder that the most human firms triumph for our fast-paced business world . Furthermore , bespoke gift boxes are a simple approach to provide a human element to your business . They’ll help to strengthen the human-to-business connection that many e-commerce companies struggles with .
Still don’t believe me ? You’ve come to the correct place , my friend . We’ll go through a few of the ways gift boxes can and will help your company : . FAQs . Custom gift boxes to improve the client experience . It’s simple to add custom gift boxes of your packaging and shipping procedure . They’re affordable , long-lasting , and communicate your narrative from the outside in .

Attractive packaging box

At the end of the day , they assist in attracting new clients and retaining existing ones . Custom gift boxes to provide a level of attention that will impress your consumers and reaffirm why they choose you .

When done correctly , the added consideration benefits your brand of the following ways : . Make room between yourself and your competitors . Enhance your products ‘ perceived worth . Make regular customers into brand ambassadors . Show your customers that you care . Enhance the purchasing experience . And if your consumers are happy , you will make more money . While doing so , you’ll be cultivating a dedicated brand community . what is not to like about that ?

Seneca created a unique gift box of you . To develop brand loyalty , encourage repeat purchases . Gift-like packaging , according to 40% of buyers , motivates them to make a repeat purchase . Customers will return when the time comes if they enjoy what you do and the experience you provide .

Custom gift boxes show clients how much you care about their experience by incorporating them into your packaging process. They return to your brand because of that care and sense of belonging.

A cost-effective way to improve the customer experience
Many aspects of the buying experience are expensive to revamp. But, custom gift boxes add your mark and story to materials you already have to buy. After all, you probably can’t ship or deliver your products without a durable box.

Custom packaging box Wholesale

And, 44% of people say that high-quality packaging reinforces the money they spend. Because you’re increasing the perceived value of your product, you can absorb the extra costs by raising your prices.

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.” – Clare Muscutt

Brand loyalty + an excellent customer experience = more revenue (and crushing your business goals)
Let’s talk money (and a bit of math) for a minute.

Increasing your customer retention rate by as little as 5% can increase profit from 25% – 95%. And, finding new customers costs five times more than keeping existing ones.

Custom packaging box Wholesale

You already know custom packaging is an easy way to encourage brand loyalty. Now you know why it’s a smart move from a mathematical standpoint. Incorporating custom gift boxes into your marketing strategy means you can:

Deliver an exceptional buying experience (which encourages them to buy again)
Charge more per product because of an increase in perceived value
Absorb the extra investment into your pricing structure
Save money by retaining existing customers rather than finding new ones
Make more money and increase your bottom line
They’re an easy way to say thank you
Nothing says “thank you” quite like genuine care throughout the buying experience. With so many businesses out there, your appreciation could be the difference between your brand and your competition. Customers notice the little things. So, it pays for you to pay attention to them, too.

Custom gift box packaging goes a long way in showing them how much they mean to the heart and soul of your business. Without them, your business wouldn’t be where it’s at today. So, take the time to craft custom gift boxes that show them they’ve made the right decision in choosing you.

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” – J.C. Penney

Custom printed gift boxes are way cooler than stock packaging
Let’s go back to 1995 for a moment. Every box on the shelf looks exactly the same. Every package on your porch is the same shade of brown and the same size. There’s nothing to differentiate you from a sea of other boxes. How… drab.

Stock packaging may cost next to nothing. But it’s a colossal waste of valuable marketing space and makes for an awful buying experience. In a market where 75% of consumers care about package design, custom gift boxes are no longer optional. They’re required to:

Exceed consumer expectations and draw them to your brand
Allow your products to stand out on the shelf
Make your customers feel appreciated and cared for
Encourage word of mouth marketing
Plain brown shipping and gift boxes are so… last decade
Amazon is a powerhouse but they lack the ability to customize their packaging. They’re so large that they’ve lost the human aspect of their brand. For them, it doesn’t make sense to personalize the user experience.

Custom packaging box Wholesale

Many businesses thrive because of their ability to humanize their business. So, it’s no surprise that custom gift boxes are an easy and smart step in the right direction. Why? Because they help consumers fall in love with the why behind what you do.

The undeniable link between brand perception and gift box design
68% of shoppers agree that a custom gift box design makes your product and brand feel upscale. And… stock packaging isn’t going to give your customers that feeling of high-end value. That’s where custom gift boxes come in and save the day.

Not only do they add perceived value to your brand, but they also:

Improve the last step of the buying experience
Show your customers you care about their experience
Give you a chance to showcase the why behind what you do
Add the perception of elegance to your brand
Custom packaging leaves your customers feeling like they’re getting more value without changing the product at all. Plus, it goes a long way in developing a human connection with your brand.

Society 6 custom gift box

Rigid boxes add to the elegant perception of a top-notch brand
Rigid boxes are often associated with luxurious and elegant brands. And, they help showcase your care and attention to detail because of their durability. Without changing the design or functionality of your product, rigid boxes help improve your brand’s perception in the market.

In today’s world, 90% of consumers reuse product packaging when they can. So, using durable, rigid boxes means YOUR marketing message will be seen and heard time and time again.

Not only is this great news for your packaging but also for the environment .

Word of mouth marketing and customer-generated content rule them all
Word of mouth marketing and customer-generated content aren’t easy to achieve.

But, they’re both:

100% free for your business
Useful when building a brand community of raving fans
Incredibly effective
92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertisements. And 74% of consumers say that word of mouth marketing influences their buying decision.

Corrugated Paper Packaging Box
Corrugated Paper Packaging Box

“Word of mouth customers come with built-in levels of trust and confidence that other channels don’t.” – David Mercer, Founder, SME Pals

Which… is cool and all but what does that have to do with custom gift boxes?

40% of consumers are more likely to post pictures of your brand on social media because of your custom packaging. So, custom gift boxes offer an avenue of free PR for your business. That alone pays for the extra investment.

Custom mailer boxes + your brand = the best custom gift boxes
Custom gift box
Mailer boxes are a durable and stylish option for brands that desire custom gift boxes. They feature a self-locking top with protective dust flaps and are 100% recyclable.

One of the many great things about custom mailer boxes is they’re completely customizable and designable from the inside out. And they make excellent gift boxes sure to leave a lasting emotional impact.

You can (and should) say yes to mailer boxes for primary packaging

Mailer boxes are an excellent choice to implement into your primary packaging process. In addition to being fully customizable, they’re:

100% sourced in North America using the highest recyclable content available
Available in e-flute 1/16” and b-flute ⅛” to meet your packaging needs
Digitally printed using CMYK colors for a clean, crisp appearance
Constructed using single-wall corrugated cardboard
Shipped flat and easy as pie to assemble
Durable and protective for up to 30 lbs
Create brand recognition the moment a customer sees it
Consistent brand colors and branding help improve brand recognition by 80%. And, consistent branding across all channels can improve revenue by 23%. It’s no surprise that one of those channels is your product packaging.

Think about Tiffany & Co’s little blue box.

You know the brand right off the bat without seeing a logo or knowing what’s inside. THAT’s the ultimate goal of your packaging – instant recognition.

The moment a customer sees your package on their porch, they should know who sent it. Custom mailer boxes give you the opportunity to expand your branding to cover the packaging channel. And they help create brand recognition for your business.

The down-low on gift box packaging design
Gift box packaging design may sound like a difficult process but it doesn’t have to be. Once you know what your customers expect, designing a box that exceeds those expectations becomes a seamless process.

Custom packaging box Wholesale

Don’t forget you can print on the outside AND inside of your box. Use each space to tell your story and add a layer of elegance to your packaging. Let your brand personality shine!

Pro-tip: If you aren’t a designer, outsourcing packaging design is a cost-effective way to get Insta-worthy packaging.

Step 1: Revisit your unique selling proposition (USP)
Your unique selling proposition is what sets you apart from your competitors. Before you get started, take a moment to revisit what makes your business… your business.

Dive deep into the why behind what you do. Revisiting this keeps it fresh in your mind as you move forward through the design process.

Step 2: Understand your customers and their expectations
Your customers have certain expectations for your brand. It can be hard to design the perfect packaging without knowing what they expect. Combine their expectations with your USP and keep those front and center.

This helps you develop a great experience the moment a customer sees your package on their porch.

Step 3: Show off your brand using custom gift boxes with your logo
Your logo and brand colors are important parts of your brand identity. And, they help create a connection between your customers and your brand. So, start by adding your colors and logo in a way that demands immediate recognition.

Remember customer expectations and your USP. Use these to drive design choices your customers can’t help but love.

Step 4: Include custom graphics using your brand colors
Patterns for custom packaging design

Next, take your brand colors and combine them with unique shapes and patterns. Make sure they accent your branding rather than detract from it. Think about your values and why customers choose your business.

Custom packaging box Wholesale

Use these ideas to add shapes and patterns that will spark happy emotions and reinforce their decision.

Step 5: Amplify your story and values with thoughtful messaging
Don’t forget to include friendly, personal messaging that helps portray your story. These short, but thoughtful passages will show your customers how much you care about their experience.

You may also want to include instructions or social media information on the inside. Always encourage them to continue engaging with your brand after they open your box.

Shipping (and protecting) custom gift boxes is easier than you think
Earlier, we talked about how custom gift boxes (mailers) are ready to ship. But shipping fragile items presents a new challenge. And if you ship mailer boxes on their own, you run the risk of your customer getting a damaged box.

So, what are your options?

Box inception: ship your custom gift box inside another box

If you’re worried about transporting fragile items or the chance of a damaged personalized gift box , consider using an external shipping box . This raises the delivery cost and time , but ensures that your customers get their goods in one (beautiful ) piece .

Internal packaging safety precautions are an alternative idea . Using an additional outer box isn’t the only technique to keep your goods safe during shipping . Internal security is a different (or additional ) solution to keeping your things safe .

Packaging box Wholesale

Bespoke packaging inserts – custom packaging inserts ensures / ensured that your products remain secure during their travel . They also provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance the elegance and branding of your product of the inside . For fragile items or cartons containing many products , custom packaging inserts is ideal .

Internal cushioning – padding prevents your products of shifting or colliding with transit . Use void to fill , bubble to wrap , foam , or packing peanuts to pad all sides of your box .

Tissue paper adds an exquisite element to the unboxing experience as well as an additional degree of protection. Custom tissue paper allows you to highlight your brand while also preserving the contents of your package.

Tissue paper, on the other hand, isn’t suited for fragile goods.

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